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I love this game, the low colour palette is great, and I like how you don't have to open a text box every time you want to read a sign, both work pretty well for a fast paced platformer.

There are a couple of things I dislike though (I know that these are mostly because it's still a WIP but I'll point them out anyway);
The walls that point to the left have an iffy hitbox on the right side, this is pretty clear here;

The death sound is annoying in a fast paced game; this is a hard platformer, and the player is going to be dying frequently: the death sound gets obnoxious very quickly. If you look at other fast-paced, hard platformers, (like Super Meat Boy, VVVVVV, The End is Nigh) they tend to have pretty quiet death sounds, or at least a sound that fits into the aesthetic of the rest of the sounds very well (like VVVVVVs sound, which while it is a bit loud, it has a similar sound to the music in the background and the jump sound, so it doesn't stand out too much).

It's a little unclear when you can wall jump; since it's such a fast-paced game anyway, it might not matter too much, but a little more clarity over when you can wall jump would be nice. Maybe a dust effect when you rub against a wall, or a small flash, something to show you're able to pull off a wall jump.

Good luck with this game, it's really fun and I like the aesthetic a lot!


Thanks a lot! This is my very first try at making a platformer so I'm still figuring out what works and what doesnt. As soon as I finish the final level I'm going to be working on making the game more intuitive and enjoyable, so I'll definetly keep these things in mind. 

That's great, and I'm pretty impressed this is your first platformer. I'm making a game atm that involves some platforming elements, so I'm impressed by how fluid moving and particularly jumping feels, and I reckon with a few small touches, this would feel much more intuitive, good luck with making the rest of the levels (I couldn't even beat the first dark level lol).


I got to level 4, but it gave me a "crash" on level 3 and 4, the game freezes. I like the aesthetic, the game is challenging and it feels smooth :D I would change the jump button,  It would be more comfortable to play it with both hands. Thanks for making it!


Thanks a lot Salsadix, I've already solved the freezing bug and also changed the jumping key to "J".


Very nice... I am following. How pass to level 3? hehehe...

I'm very glad that you liked it c:
This is how I passed level 2:

But this is only one of the ways of passing it, I encourage you to find your own!


Impossible!!! hehehehe